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About the Game

Sifting Thyme is a romance visual novel (otome) game produced by Nochi Studios. Attend a private culinary school located in the US and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of food, business, and innovation while meeting four romance-able, gorgeous guys.

Sifting Thyme's best features include:

  • One-time purchase only for the core storyline game, with full access to new chapters as soon as they are released! 
  • Ad-free experience
  • Unlockable CGs
  • Immersive MC experience – select as a female or male MC
  • Unlockable in-game social media content with the characters 
  • Original Soundtrack
  • At least 8 different endings!

We're excited for you all to download the game, which is currently available on the Google Play Store and on the Apple App Store.

Meet the Characters

Sifting Thyme has a large collection of romance-able characters to choose from, and we can't pick the best!  The profiles of your potential matches are available to the right for a sneak peak.  Choose for yourself!

User Reviews

"The story is simple but very compelling! I love the hero/heroine already and how hard they try to improve their cooking. Looking forward to the later chapters ❤️ super worth the money. Hehe! Leo is my favorite! Great job, devs!"

"this is game so super cute !!! the art is really gorgeous and the script is well-written and realistic. the amount of thyme (heh) you can spend on this storyline is definitely worth the money !!! also ,,, #teamleo ✊😔"

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hey I recently got this game on my Iphone but I can't seem to progress to 2nd year. Is it a bug?

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Hello! Thank you for your support and checking out our game :)

The year 2 button was intentional upon the game launch back in April 2020. Since the game is a monthly serialization - similar to shoujo manga format - we didn't have a clear timeline of when the storyline would end so we had a placeholder for the 2nd year for potential future content.

At this time, you should be able to see Chapter 0 through Chapter 8 on your iphone, accessible via Year 1. In the next update (sometime this week), Chapter 9 will be released and we will actually be removing the 2nd year placeholder as Ch 9 will have romantic routes locked down.

Hope that helps :)



oh i'm so sorry I didn't notice. Keep up the good work you guys . You guys rock.

Ahh! Don't be sorry! It's an excellent question and we really appreciate your interest and support 💖


What's the point of posting this on itch.io if you can't have the game on itch.io?...  🤔

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The original intention was to have the game demo available when the itch.io page was made. The game ended up being redeveloped and it wouldn’t work as an embedded downloadable. But we wanted to keep the profile with all the game and character info. However, the game is still an on-going story and we would like to port it one day to non-mobile platforms once completed!


How can you get the game on itch.io?

I'm not interested to buy a mobile thing.

Unfortunately the way the game was developed is causing issues to get it embedded as a downloadable. However, the game is still an on-going story and we would like to port it one day to non-mobile platforms once completed!