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Mobile game “Somnium Eleven” is a text-based, dating sim RPG where you find romance as you try to explore the world, meet characters, and survive through a series of competitive trials to unlock your fate.

Awakening from total darkness, you suddenly find yourself chosen to compete in a series of trials to succeed the imperial prince Soren of the mysterious empire of Strata. As the new Solvictus, you must now choose how to spend your days preparing for the trials, discovering the secrets of Strata, and finding romance along your path to victory … for the answers to your fate rest in surviving the trials.

“Somnium Eleven” is an anime, choice-driven magitech simulation game where you can bond and interact with fellow competitors and four romance-able characters to unlock private messages, social media content, and romantic scenarios in the story!

Choose daily actions to experience encounters and branching routes based on your answer choices and relationships with four love interests (BxG or GxG).

  • Choose how to spend your days exploring the map of Strata
  • Unlockable in-game social media content with the characters
  • Build in-game followers to unlock experiences
  • Unlockable CGs
  • Unlockable achievements
  • Accomplish quests and missions
  • Text adventure mini-game
  • Customizable MC name
  • 10+ different endings

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